Terms and Conditions


I. General Terms and Conditions
Please, read these Terms and Conditions carefully before signing up for any of the events organized or co-organized by Economedia Jsc. (hereinafter only "Economedia" and "Event"). These terms and conditions constitute an AGREEMENT between you and Economedia. These terms and conditions are binding only in the relationship between you as an Event Visitor and Economedia. By signing up for an event, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and any subsequent changes thereto, and you are committed to complying with them. Should you disagree with the terms below, please do not register or attend events, organized by Economedia.

II. Basic definitions
For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the following terms are used with the following definitions:

  1. "ORGANIZER" / "ORGANIZERS" means Economedia, respectively Economedia together with other persons with whom they jointly organize an event
  2. "CO-ORGANIZER" is a person or company Economedia organizes one or more events together.
  3. "PARTICIPANT" / "VISITOR" is any person who is a participant in the program or is registered for participation in an event, organized by Economedia alone or in partnership with other co-organizers.
  4. "EVENT" refers to an event organized by Economedia alone or in partnership with other organizers.
  5. "EVENT WEB PAGE" is https://digitalk.bg which contains information about the speakers, program, registration and other details about the event.
  6. "WEBSITE OF EVENT" refers to a site specifically designed for the event and containing information about the speakers, program, registration and other details about the event.

III. Registration
The registration and event tickets purchase is to be conducted in one of the following ways:

  1. On the webpage https://digitalk.bg
  2. Through an event ticket selling platform, if announced

Your registration has been successfully completed when you receive a confirmation email and / or a ticket at the e-mail address you have provided during the registration process itself. It is your responsibility to provide a valid e-mail address to which you or the participant (s) you register have access. The conditions for obtaining a confirmation of the specific registration are described on the webpage/website of the event. Economedia reserves its right to refuse registrations at its sole discretion.
The main mode of communication in connection with the conduct of the events are e-mail messages to Participants / Visitors. An e-mail with instructions regarding your visit to the event, notifications of any changes to the date, location and time of the event, as well as your feedback request on the event will be sent.
Economedia reserves the right to change the date, time and venue of each event by publishing a dedicated message on the economedia.bg event webpage or on the event's website. Effective efforts will be made to notify the Participants by e-mail or other means of changing the date, time or venue of the event for which they have registered. However, we recommend that you check the webpage or website of the event the day before the date of the event.
For events for which registrations are named, they can not be transferred to others. In case the registered person is prevented from attending the event, he / she is obliged to notify the Organizers within two working days prior to the event date. The obstructed person may designate another participant to attend the event in his / her place and should obtain an explicit confirmation from the Event Organizers of the successful substitution for the Event.

IV. Payments, Cancellation and Refund Policies
Payments for events are made in one of the following ways: on the website of the event in one of the ways specified there or through an event ticket selling platform, if announced.
On the website of the event are also indicated the early registration promotions, the possibilities and the rules for settlement and refund of paid amounts.

In case you have paid the participation fee and you are unable to attend, we can refund 50% of the amount if cancellation is received no later than 3 days before the event. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after this deadline. 

V. Copyright
All rights are reserved to Economedia and / or its affiliates. All intellectual property rights in the information resources, materials and presentations exported and displayed during the events are subject to protection under the current Copyright and Related Rights Act and their unauthorized use by third parties - but not only Participants / Visitors to an event - constitutes an offense and results in civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the effective Bulgarian legislation.
Economedia reserves the right not to allow photos and recordings during events. Participants will be notified of these restrictions during the event also.

VI. Personal data and privacy
Economedia follows the provisions of the General Personal Data Protection Policy (GDPR) in the collection and processing of your personal data for the purposes of registration and admission to Events. During the events, organizer's and other media photographers and cameramen are allowed by the organizers to take pictures and video recordings that are used to be published in the media, social networks, as well as in the preparation of materials for the promotion of its next editions. If you do not wish to be photographed, please do not register and do not attend Economedia events.
We recommend that you are familiar with ours Privacy Policy Declaration, where in details is described how we do this.

VII. Safety
In the interest of safety and comfort of all Visitors and Participants, any Economedia event is subject to stringent security measures. Any person who wishes to visit an event of Economedia agrees that he could be subjected to security checks including, but not limited to an inspection by the security guards of the Event and / or scanning by technical means of clothes, bags and other items at the discretion of the Organizers, before entering the Event or the Event area.
The following items may not under any circumstances be deposited at the place of Economedia Events: explosives or materials, pyrotechnics, firearms (including replica or toys firearms), projectiles and others similar objects; sharp objects, e.g. knives (including Swiss Army knives), scissors, cutlery and / or screwdrivers; spray paint; padlocks and / or chains; elements that produce noise (e.g. whistles); banners, posters and / or flags that are not authorized by the Organizers; alcohol; any other items that in our opinion pose a risk to the health and safety of other Visitors in any way ("Prohibited Items").
You may not be allowed to enter the event or you will be taken out if you refuse to be checked or refuse to surrender the forbidden items you carry with you to the guards.
Economedia reserves the right to require Visitors whose behavior is unacceptable (at the discretion of the Organizers) or threatens the health and safety of other Participants in the event to leave the event.
Economedia reserves the right to introduce additional restrictions for certain events. Before signing up, you need to check the event description for details of any additional conditions or restrictions.
You agree that you and anyone under whose name you reserve for an Economedia event will comply with all such conditions or restrictions.Changes

Economedia reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time by promptly publishing these changes to the website together with a notice of changes to the Terms and Conditions.
For all issues not covered by these General Terms and Conditions, the effective Bulgarian legislation applies.
The present General Terms and Conditions shall enter into force as of December, 13th 2019.